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  • Castellano trained with Geoffrey Lewis the side kick of Clint Eastwood in Every Which Way But Loose Movies.
  • Castellano won several Body Building Contests of his own. He won Mr. Rochester and Mr. Western New York in the same day, never to be repeated by anyone else. He won Mr. Lake Ontario, Mr. Monroe County, 3rd Place in Junior America, and beat Professional Wrestler Ivan Putski (Polish Power) and Will Dabish owner of Powerhouse Gym Franchise (voted largest chest in the world at the time) in the Mr. America Body Building Contest
  • Castellano trained with Robert Blake star of Baretta. This was before he allegedly killed his wife. He is innocent just like O.J. is ha ha!
  • Castellano hung out with 2 time WBA Body Building Champion Gary Stardom.
  • Castellano trained with Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia Grate, Pro-Body Building Hall of Fame and personal friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dan "The Giant Killer" Padilla.
  • Castellano started out with 2 cameo's in James Con's Hide In Plain Sight.
  • Castellano was voted dirtiest player in Semi-Pro Football 4 years in a row. Whether it was for Batavia Bandits, Monroe County Wildcats, Rochester Warriors, etc. But Castellano said he can't understand that because there were no penalty flags thrown.
  • Did you know that Castellano was a Defensive MVP in one of Gates-Chili Championship Seasons?


You've heard them before, but here are Castellano's quotes!

  • "Smoke Um!"
  • "I will rip out your eyeballs and throw them like dice!"
  • "I'll stick my shoe so far up your ass that I would tie my shoes laces with your tonsils."
  • "I will rip your heart out and hand it to you before you hit the ground."
  • "You came from a big family and when you were little your grandmother had to breast feed you."
  • "Did a goat ever chase you with Galoshes?"
  • "I'll flip um and toss um!"
  • "Time to mangle!"
  • "He's the type of guy who dresses up like a goat and goes to a greek convention."