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No records exist of Rick Castellano until 1993.

A man fitting his description was seen on a Boat in the Florida Everglades, He stopped a murder about to be committed, but in doing so made himself the Target. He was tied and and bloody thrown into Alligator infested waters. Presumed dead.

3 hours he later came out of the water while the Police were still writing up the Report. With alligator boots, belt and luggage in hand and an alligator teeth necklace around neck. Cops asked him his name.

Castellano, Rick Castellano. Other than that, no record of past History...But since that day he has changed the way people see the world. He also starred in a few movies in his spare time and plenty of T.V.  Somehow things will never be the same.


  • Star of: Demons at the Door, movie soundtrack by Insane Clown Posse
  • Starred in “Close Encounters of Fourth Kind”
  • Starred and Winner of Movie Deathracers starring WWE Superstar Raven and Insane Clown Posse
  • History of the Rick Castellano Show: 6 Years
  • Train with Mr America, Mr Universe, Dan The Giant Killer Padilla, in the Pro Bodybuilding Hall of Fame when he was at his best
  • Met Arnold several times with dan, even as Governor of California
  • Hung out with Gary Strydom 92 year WBA Bodybuilding Champion)
  • Trained with at time Superstar Robert Blake of Barretta, before he murdered his wife
  • Also trained with Geoggrey Lewis, Clint Eastwood, side kick of every which was but loose movies